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A PS3 story....

...but not really. This is more a story about the sordid state of console launches in Japan and how poorly executed they are. What? You've never heard about this? Of course you haven't. The Japanese media is too proud of their country to tell you.

Pushing, shoving, and a almost complete lack of actual gamers purchasing systems. Kotaku hosts the story of an American's look at a Japanese launch.

Wii production videos!

YouTube has a little nugget of a video showing Wii production, including a little blip by Perrin Kaplan, VP of Marketing and Corporate Affairs for NOA. The video also gives us our first glimpse and the Wii Remote packaging. Mystery solved.

Watch it here.

Wii Production Photos

Nintendo released a couple photos of their assembly line in North Bend, WA.

IGN hosts them here

Me and Wii

gamedaily.com has an article up featuring the Denver stop of the Nintendo Fusion Tour. There's a photo of me playing Wii!

Reggie Refutes!

Nintendo of America's president, Reggie Fils-Aime sat down with CNet to clear up a few things about the upcoming Wii console. It's a very interesting video and as always, Reggie pulls you in with his speaking.

Watch the video here

All I want for Christmas...

...is for some kids to play some video games.

The guys who create the hilarious Penny Arcade comic have started, and now for a few years, have run a fantastic charity that gives sick kids the chance to have some great games and books while they're staying in hospitals.

Child's Play has a website that gives you all the information, including how to give and which children's hostpitals are participating. The list of hospitals is growing all the time, so check often. This year, don't forget about the kids.

Target's Wii Launch Plans

Today, Target team members were shipped a launch guide detailing how they should prepare and execute the Wii launch.  This post will outline some of the best little nuggets of information.


  • Target stores will receive their inventory of consoles and accessories the week of 11/12
  • Wii interactive displays will be set up on an endcap starting 11/12, and no later than 11/15 (more info below) 11/19 (Target has updated its plans for the interactives, and they will now be set on launch day).
  • Most stores are expecting campers, but be aware that some mall stores will not allow overnight campers due to mall policies. Choose your store wisely.


  • All stores will receive signing directing outside the store where the line will start the night before launch (11/18).
  • At 7am on 11/19, an executive from the store will come out to greet the guests waiting in line and tell them what to expect at 8am when the store opens.
  • Numbered tickets will be handed out to guests that represent one unit of inventory.  This ticket will also indicate the order in which you may purchase your Wii.  One ticket per guest. period.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET! If you do not have a ticket, you do not have a Wii.
  • A shopping list will be handed to every guest to help them choose which accessories and software they want when they get inside.
  • Soda and popcorn will also be handed out to all guests in line as a thank you for shopping at Target.
  • At 8am, the doors will open and guests will be escorted inside to the electronics counter/register in the same order that the tickets were issued. 
  • One guest at a time will be allowed to purchase their Wii, software, and accessories.  All software and accessories will be set up right next to the line so you can grab them as you head to the register.
  • Valid 11/19 only: Target will give a $20 gift card to any guest that purchases 3 Wii software titles.
  • If you are a Target team member, try your hardest not to be scheduled the morning of launch.  There are very strict rules in place about team members purchasing systems on the clock or in uniform.  Get with your supervisors to make sure you have a fighting chance.


  • Target stores are scheduled to receive weekly shipments on Wii consoles after launch.  No reservations or rain checks will be given.
Wii Interactive
  • The Wii interactive will be set up on an endcap very close to the Wii display cases in the video game department.  The encap will also hold controllers, gift cards, brochures, and other accessories.   No pictures have surfaced yet, but the planogram calls for a special key for the interactive to be kept at the camera counter.  Could this be for the Wiimotes? Or just an easy way to access the system?

I hope this information proves useful to you come launch day.  Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below.  Good luck on 11/19!

3D Wiimote fun

IGN has made a really neat little java applet that gives us a 3d look at the Wii Remote. Go have fun!

Target's Wii Gift Card photos

GoNintendo has the first photos of Target's new gift card to coincide with the release of Nintendo's Wii. It glows blue just like the system!

Happy HalloWiin! Har.

Now THAT's talent!